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Dublin Guinness Expierence

Dublin Guinness Expierence

One of the routes, as you travel to Dublin from the south of Ireland, takes you past the iconic St. James’ Gates of Dublin’s famous Guinness brewery.

 Adjoining, is the Guinness Storehouse, a Visitor’s Centre, which graphically details the workings of this world-famous brewery since its inception in 1759. The Storehouse Visitor’s Centre is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ireland. On this occasion, having already recently visited the centre, we decided to continue driving to allow ourselves time to reach our city-centre accommodation, shower and change clothes in preparation for a very Irish pastime of a pub-crawl.Our first port of call, was the pub known as ‘the Brazen Head’, reputed to be Ireland’s official oldest pub, founded originally in 1198. Irrespective of its antiquity, the quality of its cuisine and beverages were excellent, and we really enjoyed the live music.

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